Friday, 20 April 2018

Why Opt for Professional Phone Motherboard Repair Service

A smartphone’s motherboard is its most vital component as all the components are connected to it. All the power is directed to a motherboard which in turn makes the phone and its components functional.Any interruption in power supply or improper installation of components at the motherboard can cause unpleasant experience to the users. Motherboard problems can occur due to multiple reasons. Unfortunate incidents like dropping a phone on the floor, water accumulation, dust accumulation at or around the motherboard are some common reasons.

Following symptoms are sure shot signs of Motherboard Issues:

  • Blue Screen

If your smartphone’s screen often turns blue then there might be a motherboard fault. Both software faults and hardware faults can lead to blue screen. Therefore, it’s necessary to reach out to the experts in order to find out which part of the phone is at fault.
  • Random Turn Offs

Abrupt smartphone turn off is another common problem that most users face. Such problems can occur if the motherboard or its components are loosely connected. In such cases the phones needs to be reinstalled completely in order to eliminate the problem once and for all.
  • Overheating

Mobile overheating is another problem which in most cases are related to battery but in some cases it might be due to some motherboard issue. If there is improper power supply at the motherboard then it can lead to short circuit or overheating.
  • Abrupt System Hang

If your device hangs very frequently and takes more than usual to process your instructions then there must be a hardware/motherboard or software fault involved. In such cases it’s better to reach out to the experts as motherboard related errors if left unresolved, can hamper the functioning of other components.

  • Microsoldering
  • Motherboard Replacement
  • Reinstall Motherboard and other attached Components
  • Remove signs of corrosion or moisture at or around the motherboard

  • Repair First Approach
  • Up to 90 Days Warranty
  • Certified Engineers
  • Hi-Tech Repair Labs
  • Free Device Pick-up and Drop
  • 100% Quality Approved Parts
  • All Brand Mobile Repair

Motherboard repair is an expensive and skill oriented task, which is hard to perform using DIY repairs and online tutorials that are uploaded online by amateurs. For smartphone, tablet, laptop or iPhone motherboard repair visit the nearest Yaantra Phone Repair shop and get the issues resolved at best market prices. Reliable and warranty attached repair services are what you get at Yaantra. Our Certified engineers who hold years of experience in the repair business will guide you and perform the tasks with great care and precision. For your smartphone’s repair, a smart decision would be to consult the professionals like Yaantra!

Why choose Yaantra for Mobile Repair in Delhi, Pune & Bengaluru?

There is no invention other than a smartphone in the history of mankind that has turned our lives upside down! Today, a smartphone is no longer considered a mere tool to call your friends and family, it’s much more than a communication device. It has influenced our lifestyle so greatly that we now manage every aspect of our lives through this smart gadget. We are using it for everything from shopping to learning to entertainment. Smartphones have become a basic need and one cannot keep going with a damaged or faulty phone.

The online and offline world both offers umpteen repair options but the catch here is to choose the best among many! Here, we have listed a few things that you must look out for in a vendor before you give away your smartphone for repair. Go for the ones who have:  
  • Experience in Mobile Repair
  • All Brand Repair Services
  • Warranty on Repair 
  • Certified Technicians
  • Quality Parts Guarantee

Doorstep/onsite repair is the latest trend in the market wherein the experts repair the phone in front the owner at his/her home or office. The facility is offered only by the reputed and full-fledged repair vendors as they have the resources and operates on a wider network. Yaantra being one such big player in the market offers doorstep repair/replacement services at highly affordable prices. Our doorstep service can be booked on all 7 days of a week. Plus our best technicians board the repair vehicle and come well equipped to serve you.     

Why Choose Yaantra?

Yaantra is a leader in mobile repair and has been successfully serving the needs of all smartphone users of the country. We excel in repairing all branded smartphones, tables at best prices and offers world-class service. We have recently launched a doorstep repair service under which one can get his/her smartphone’s damaged parts replaced at their preferred location. Now mobile repair is possible at your home/office and in front of you, what else you were waiting for? Our certified technicians travel in these repair vans and bikes with all the necessary tools, so don’t worry if it’s Yaantra! We are the most reliable and professionally managed repair brand in the country.

What makes Yaantra’s Repair Services different?

 States covered in the doorstep repair service:

In the phase one of the Doorstep mobile repair: Delhi, Pune, and Bengaluru will be covered. In the upcoming months, the service will be made operational in other states as well. We are covering all the Pin codes that fall in these 3 states. For MI screen replacement, iPhone motherboard replacement, Samsung battery replacement or for any other issue get in touch with Yaantra repair executives.     

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Lenovo Mobile Repair in Delhi

All about Lenovo Smartphones

Lenovo is a Chinese giant that deals in manufacturing of digital devices. The brand is globally renowned for engineering hi-tech laptops, tablets, desktop, smartphones and stylish digital accessories. The brand has been in the market for more than 3 decades now and has a loyal customer base across the globe! Lenovo operates in 60+ countries and sells its manufactured gadgets in more than 160 countries. Lenovo smartphones and laptops are popular in India and the brand captures a great share in the Indian Telecomm market. Lenovo is the 3rd largest smartphone brand in India after Samsung and Apple.  

Lenovo manufacture smartphones in the following series:
  • P Series
  • K Series
  • ZUK Series   
  • A Series
  • PHAB Series
  • Vibe Series

The above-mentioned series feature many popular smartphones with distinct and advanced technology features. The Chinese giant has successfully established itself as a brand that manufactures the best camera and best battery phones and these two things form the basic demand of every smartphone buyer. Multicore processors and advanced display technology are two other fortes in which Lenovo excels. Lenovo Z2 plus, Lenovo K6 Power, Lenovo K8 Note, Lenovo P2, Lenovo Vibe P1 Turbo, Lenovo Vibe K5 Note are some of its bestsellers. Lenovo is a forerunner that has fused the technology of phones and tablets together. The PHAB series by Lenovo features the design of a phone and functionality plus the efficiency of a tablet.

USP’s of Lenovo Smartphones

  • High Capacity Battery Phones: Many Lenovo Android phones and phablets feature 4000mAh and 5000 mAh battery that lasts really long and keeps one entertained for hours in just one charge. Lenovo K8 Plus, K8 Note, and Lenovo ZUK Z1 comes with 4000mAh battery and belongs to budget-friendly segment thereby giving you power without burdening your pocket.   
  • HD Camera: The smartphones by the brand feature 13 MP Camera. Lenovo camera phones are capable of clicking HD pictures in high clarity any time of the day. Features like auto-focus and LED flash assists you in composing great frames and click picture like a pro.  
  • Processors & User-Friendly UI: Lenovo phones come with highly efficient multicore processors that allow the user to operate on multiple tabs.

Lenovo smartphones are high on style, functionality but low on price. Lenovo has launched smartphones in the different price range in order to please buyers from every segment. You will definitely find a couple of Lenovo smartphones in the top 5 and top 10 smartphones list.               


If you are a Lenovo smartphone user and looking for reliable repair and maintenance services then it’s time to stop the search and call Yaantra! One can visit our official website, and book a doorstep repair service for all branded smartphones. Our certified technicians will reach you with necessary tools and replace the damaged part in 2 hours! You can book our onsite services for Lenovo mobile motherboard replacement, screen & glass replacement, speaker replacement and for many other issues.

Our onsite/doorstep mobile phone repair service covers all the pincodes of North Delhi, South Delhi, East Delhi, West Delhi, and NCR region. 


Tuesday, 17 April 2018

DIGITAL DETOX: Disconnect to Connect Better!

Detoxification is a medical term and refers to the process of elimination of toxins from the human body and body parts. For instance, you must be familiar with liver detoxification, kidney detoxification and general detox therapies, detox drinks & detox diets. The sole purpose of detoxification is to cleanse and nourish the system, get rid of the toxins and make the system pleasant and healthy. Detoxification too has gone digital but for the good! Let’s find out more about digital detoxification.  

In today’s world everybody is a tech-junkie, always online, always surrounded by gadgets and always in search of new and advanced devices. Reports from the reputed international dailies claim that an average adult checks his or her smartphone 80 to 200 times in a day while some keep it in their hands 24*7! The studies also claim that people check their phones for social media notifications after every 10 to 15 minutes. Excessive use of a smartphone is causing a lot of psychological and physiological disorders. Anxiety, depression, and obesity are some most common problems that these smart gadgets have given to us. To rescue you from these problems you can go for a Digital Detox Therapy!  

Scroll down to know more about digital detoxification.       

What is a Digital Detox?

Digital detoxification refers to reducing the ‘screen time’. In simple words it’s limiting the use of digital gadgets like phones, computers, and tablets for a long time. Regulation and reduction are the two motives of a digital detox therapy. This therapy is a necessity in everyone’s life because the moment a notification triggers we feel like reaching to it immediately, ignoring the situation and people around us. Digital detox aims at lowering these anxiety levels and helps us stay away from the gadgets for some time. Digital detox does not mean cutting off your communication with your loved ones it’s rather a way to reconnect better with your loved ones! Digital devices have become larger than life and to unplug from these gadgets demands a lot!       

How much digital consumption is too much?

  • If you don’t leave your phone while eating, drinking, and in the loo, then it’s too much!
  • If you sleep with your phone and wake up abruptly to check the notification, then it’s too much!
  • If you feel dysfunctional without a phone, again too much!
  • If you suffer from NOMOPHOBIA (NO MOBILE PHONE): A state in which one is always worried about losing his/her phone.
  • If you have the habit of watching all the episodes of popular TV series in one day or in one night, then it’s definitely too much! 

7 Ways to Perform Digital Detox

  1. Think before you act: – Next time before picking up your smartphone to check the Facebook notification think whether it deserves your attention and is it worth ignoring your family for a notification!   
  2. Limit your Daily Digital Time: – Make a time table about how much time and when you will use your smartphone. Try not to use it when you enter the home after office, during the dinner time and an hour before sleep.   
  3. Mute Notifications or Enable Airplane Mode: Mute notifications when you are with your family and when you are hosting a party.
  4. Switch off the phone before going to sleep: Switch off the phone else you will wake up in the middle of the night to check the notifications and this lack of sound sleep will affect your overall wellbeing.     
  5. Indulge in some fun activities: It’s easy to turn off the phone but it’s hard to keep it like that for more than a minute! To stay away from your phone you have to divert your attention to something much more entertaining than that. Go out for a walk, play with your kids, go for a long drive or binge on some ice-creams at the nearest ice-cream station.
  6. Travel without phone: When you go for weekend getaways or step out to have a Sunday brunch with your friends try not to take your phone along.    
  7. Greet your guests with your attention: If you are someone who is always on the phone even when your friends have come to your place then you won’t be termed as a ‘good host’. So to be one, you have to keep your phone aside and greet them with your uninterrupted attention.   

Monday, 16 April 2018

Doorstep Speaker/MIC Replacement in your City

Is your mobile phone’s speaker and MIC are not working properly? It’s a serious issue as all the audio and video calls are of no use if one cannot communicate properly. In smartphone speakers and MICs are located around the edges of the phone and therefore are more vulnerable to get damaged in case it falls or slips from your hands. Screen, speaker, and Mic are the three components of a phone that get the maximum impact when it falls. MIC and Speaker issues can happen mainly due to physical damages. For instance, if the user has dropped the phone and the impact has been on the side where the speaker or MIC is located then chances of damaging them increases to a great extent. Moisture penetration and accumulation of dust are some other commonly diagnosed reasons that lead to speaker or MIC damage.   


A smartphone comprises two types of speakers internal and external. The internal speaker enables you to hear what the other person is saying while the external speaker enables you to hear the phone ring, alarm, and music. In most phones, the internal speaker is located at the top in the center while the external speaker is located at the bottom around the charging port or at the back panel like in Samsung phones. The microphone is also placed at the bottom of the phone mostly near the charging slot.    

Possible Symptoms of Speaker and MIC Damage:
  • No/distorted sound                
  • Excessive noise                      
  • Inaudible sound

Possible Reasons for Speaker / MIC Damage:
  • Broken Speaker / MIC
  • Water accumulation
  • Loosely Installed Speaker / MIC
  • Improper Power Supply  
  • Signal Problem

DIY Repair & Maintenance Tips:
  • Restart your device: If there is any signal issue then a quick shutdown and restart will refresh the signals and offer you noise-free sound.
  • Restore the sound settings: Maybe the sound settings have changed, do cross check.
  • Wisely select phone covers: Make sure that the phone cover you have has cavity around the speaker and mic.  
  • DIY Repair: One can watch a DIY speaker or MIC replacement tutorial on Youtube and can replace the damaged part.   
  • Clean it regularly: Make sure that the bottom cavities in your phone are not clogged due to water or dust accumulation. As the bottom section is the place where the speaker and the MIC are generally located and if the place is clogged it will not emit clear sound.

When Nothing Works: Book a Repair @ Yaantra

If nothing works for you then, just login to your laptop or PC, type YAANTRA and once you land up to our website book our doorstep part replacement service for speaker and Mic repair or replacement.

Benefits of Booking Yaantra’s Doorstep Part Replacement Service:

Get the best Android mobile phone speaker repair or iPhone speaker replacement services at your home or office in North Delhi, South Delhi, East Delhi, West Delhi, Central Delhi, NCR, Pune, and Bengaluru.  


Sunday, 15 April 2018

Onsite Part Replacement for Water Damaged Phones

We understand that a smartphone is vulnerable to water damage and it’s not your fault every time! It can slip from your hands because it wants to say hello to the floor! A mischievous child can throw it into the pool because you denied him an ice-cream! It can get wet in the rain because it loves rain and much more. We understand it all! But such incidents can cause a great damage. Water or moisture accumulation/penetration of any degree can damage the motherboard, touchpad, screen glass, MIC, battery, camera and all other internal components of a phone. In most cases of water damage, part replacement is the only option as water can make these components turn completely unresponsive. Part replacement in case of Water damage is a complex and lengthy process that demands expert intervention which is why we appoint specialized experts to deal with water damage. So would you like to visit the experts in the market who possess great skills and are equipped with the right tools to perform the repair or give preference to the ones who simply hold one merit: that they know you and you know them!   

What to do immediately after dropping your phone in water!


Well, that’s very obvious! But when moments of trauma surrounds you, your body freezes and you forget to act in tough times. So, be brave, gather all the courage you have, act quick and pick it up. By being quick you can reduce the degree of damage.     


  • Soak up the excess water with a cotton cloth or tissue
  • Turn the phone off
  • Remove the battery
  • Soak in a bowl of rice for a few hours
  • Put it on a paper towel  
  • Wait for a couple of hours and try to turn it on


Yaantra is a professionally managed brand that has been termed the best for mobile and tablet repair. We have advanced labs and certified experts who perform all the repair work with great precision. Smartphone issues ranging from water damage, motherboard damage, speaker damage to mic damage all can be restored by our experts.    


You have to find a scapegoat to put the blame on! Well, it’s definitely not fair but you have a lot to think about for instance: the repair shop, arrange funds for repair and live in the guilt that you will experience seeing that damaged phone and trauma of not clicking that selfie and inability to not go online for days! Building up a story for that unfortunate event might give you some relief!    

What Yaantra Offers:

If you have dropped your phone into the water and are now worried about finding a reliable repair service for it then book Yaantra’s doorstep part replacement service, its affordable, quick and reliable! Under this service, Yaantra repair van or repair bike will reach your preferred location and will replace the damaged part and make your phone functional again. One can opt for our highly affordable doorstep water damage mobile repair services in North Delhi, South Delhi, West Delhi, East Delhi and NCR for Samsung, Lenovo, Motorola, OnePlus and Apple.   


Friday, 13 April 2018

Reasons Why Xiaomi REDMI NOTE 4 is a BESTSELLER

Some things are so finely curated that they are optimum in every sense and they defy the timeline! Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 4 is one such example in the electronic durables. The phone belongs to a category of smartphones that are highly popular and whose inventory gets updated every day because of huge demand in the market. Redmi Note 4 was manufactured by a Chinese phone manufacturer Xiaomi and was launched in January 2017. The bestseller of 2017 is still in demand in 2018! As per the reports more than 5 million pieces of this smartphone have been sold till date! In this article let’s try to critically analyze the features of the phone and reasons behind its immense popularity. 

Let’s have a detailed look at its unique features that have added to its popularity:

The phone has been designed with the similar look and feels as that of Redmi Note 3. The design features an all metal body and non-slippery polish that offers tight grip. The back panel is again a highlight of the phone in terms of design which is simple, looks which are elegant and edges that are finely contoured. The back panel features a primary camera and a fingerprint sensor for advanced security.  


The phone’s screen features 5.5” IPS LCD screen and 2.5D curved-edge glass that offers HD display. The display has a resolution of 1080x1920 pixels and 401ppi. The text is highly legible and sharp while the colors are true to life and offer a great experience to the users. The viewing angles are wide and the display is highly legible in sunlight too.


The smartphone is powered with Octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor. Redmi Note 4 is available in 3 memory capacity variants: 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM, 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM and 4GB RAM & 64GB ROM. The phone allows you to operate on various apps at the same time and smoothly switch among them.  


The smartphone supports 3G, 4G network and features a non-removable battery of 4100mAh that will keep you entertained for hours. Redmi Note 4 has many other exciting features such as dual-tone LED flash, 13MP rear camera, and a 5MP front camera along with many connectivity features such as Bluetooth 4.1, Miracast, GPS/ A-GPS and more.   

Technical Specifications:

2017, January

Available. Released 2017, January
151 x 76 x 8.5 mm (5.94 x 2.99 x 0.33 in)

Front glass, aluminum body

165 g (5.82 oz)

Hybrid Dual SIM (Micro-SIM/Nano-SIM, dual stand-by)

5.5 inches, 83.4 cm2 (~72.7% screen-to-body ratio)

1080 x 1920 pixels, 16:9 ratio (~401 ppi density)

IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors

- MIUI 9.5
Android 6.0 (Marshmallow), upgradable to 7.0 (Nougat)

Qualcomm MSM8953 Snapdragon 625

Adreno 506

Octa-core 2.0 GHz Cortex-A54
Card slot
microSD, up to 256 GB (uses SIM 2 slot)

64 GB, 4 GB RAM or 32 GB, 3 GB RAM
13 MP (f/2.0, 1.12 ┬Ám), phase detection autofocus, dual-LED dual-tone flash, check quality

Geo-tagging, touch focus, face detection, panorama, HDR

1080p@30fps, 720p@120fps, check quality

5 MP, f/2.0, 1080p
Alert types
Vibration; MP3, WAV ringtones


3.5mm jack

- 24-bit/192kHz audio

- Active noise cancellation with dedicated mic
Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, Wi-Fi Direct, hotspot

4.1, A2DP, LE


Infrared port

FM radio

microUSB 2.0, USB On-The-Go
Fingerprint (rear-mounted), accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass

SMS(threaded view), MMS, Email, Push Email, IM


MP3/WAV/eAAC+/Flac player

Photo/video editor

Document viewer

Non-removable Li-Po 4100 mAh battery
Dark Gray, Gold, Black, Lake Blue (64/4GB model)

Contrast ratio: 1503:1 (nominal), 2.714 (sunlight)

Photo / Video

Voice 67dB / Noise 70dB / Ring 81dB

Audio quality
Noise -94.6dB / Crosstalk -94.3dB

If you too have been planning to buy this smartphone, then it’s time to get into some action. The prices for the smartphone have been reduced and the phone is available online at heavy discounts. Visit to buy latest and popular Xiaomi smartphones at best prices. You can also book repair services for Xiaomi mobiles as Yaantra is an authorized service partner for Xiaomi smartphones.